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Use our comprehensive Mortgage Calculator Germany to get accurate, personalized mortgage estimates.

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How Does the Mortgage Calculator Germany Work?

Our Mortgage Calculator Germany is designed to help you find the ideal mortgage for your dream property. Follow these simple steps to get accurate and personalized mortgage information:

  1. Enter Property and Financial Details:
    • Purchase Price: Input the price of your desired property.
    • Equity (Savings): Enter the amount of cash or securities you can contribute.
    • Monthly Payment: Specify how much you plan to pay each month.
    • Fixed Interest Period: Select the duration for which you want your interest rate to remain unchanged.
  2. Provide Additional Information:
    • Location: Input the federal state to determine property tax rates.
    • Real Estate Commission: Include any relevant commission fees.
  3. Interest Rate Calculation:
    • Our calculator determines the interest rate based on the fixed interest period and mortgage loan amount. Typically, a longer fixed interest period results in a higher interest rate, offering more planning security.
  4. Calculate Your Mortgage:
    • Click the "Calculate" button to receive a detailed evaluation. This includes the expected loan amount, interest rate, and monthly payment. Note that the loan amount does not cover total purchase costs, as additional expenses need to be considered. For more details, click the (i)-icon next to the respective input fields.
  5. Request an Offer:
    • Click the "Request Offer" button to answer a few questions about your personal situation, such as citizenship, property usage, and employment status. This allows us to provide a tailored financing offer that meets your needs, free of charge and without commitment. You can receive this offer via email or arrange a free, non-binding personal consultation.

Start planning your future today with our Mortgage Calculator Germany—your first step towards securing your dream home.