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Are you truely independent?

We are independent consultants, as we do not work for any product provider like insurance or a bank, so we do not have to sell any products. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an independent financial broker. This means that we are “fiduciary trustees” of our clients. We are therefore legally obligated to find suitable solutions for your situation and your needs. In doing so, we draw on virtually the entire investment, finance and insurance market. For us, this means true independence.

Can I save taxes with my investment?

Yes you can. In Germany there are huge tax advantages and incentives for long term investing. Depending on what fits your individual situation we choose a framework that makes the most sense for you. Investment plans that you can deduct from your tax especially are interesting for high earners and freelancers due to their high tax burden.

How can I lower my tax burden?

The German tax system is progressive, meaning that the more you make, the higher is your marginal tax rate. Fortunately, you can use this to your advantage by taking advantage of deductions to lower your tax burden, for example by investing in a Base pension. You get a tax refund of up to 42% of your contribution (income <60k). Change your mindset from complaining about taxes to using the German tax system, and you will financially benefit.

How do we get paid?

Good pension plans have costs of about 1% of capital annually, which includes the cost of insurance, funds, and the advisor. We get paid by the insurance when you decide to do the plan. The conditions you get with us are exactly the same you get with the insurance directly, so you have no financial disadvantage by doing the plan with us, but of course the huge advantage is that we as independent brokers can scan the whole market, so you get the best available option.

What does a consultation with us look like?

We look at your individual situation and explain the available options to you. We also show you detailed numbers for the option you want to explore. Not only that, but we are there for you throughout the whole process, as you can tell from the outstanding reviews and recommendations from our clients.

What does the consultation process look like?

In the first meeting we get to know each other and look at your current situation. A very important part in this is also explaining the German system and answering any questions that you might have.

We focus on what is important for you in order to present you with a solution that individually fits you.

We give you clear advice on what makes the most sense for you in the second meeting.

When you decide to go with us we set up the investment and we are ready to go. Don’t worry: We handle all the paperwork for you. From that point on we constantly monitor your investment and are there for any questions that you have. We are there for you.

What happens when I leave Germany?

The solutions in our consulting are structured in a way that you are flexible should you choose to leave Germany during your working life, and you can get your pension anywhere in the world.

What is the best investment for retirement?

Investing in funds is the best way to take care of your retirement, as it offers higher returns than other investments with less money needed to reach the same goal. Over the long term, funds offer more security and stability for retirement planning.

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