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Finanz2Go - Asset Management for Expats in Germany
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Imagine making the daring leap to move your life to Germany – a key place for trade and commerce with a prosperous economy. Everything’s falling into place. You've maybe got a new job in Berlin, or you've started your own business in Munich; life is exciting. But in stepping into this new adventure, you quickly realize, managing your assets and financial situation is a whole new ball game. Not to worry, we're here to help!

Financial Advisory for Expats in Germany

In our free digital 1:1 consultation, our independent investment advisors help you develop a plan for your wealth accumulation that fits your financial goals.

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In this article, we delve deep into the German asset management landscape, revealing the current trends, future growth projections, and challenges of the industry. We shine a spotlight on what makes asset management for expats in Germany such a unique journey. And, of course, we'll address the influencing factors, be it job transfers, retirement plans, business startups, or simply seeking tax efficiency.

Our goal is to ensure that as an expat, understanding the intricate workings of the German finance world becomes less of a daunting task and more of an exciting opportunity. Let's get started, shall we? So, fasten your seat belt as we're about to embark on this thrilling ride into the world of asset management in Germany from an expat's viewpoint. From Berlin to Bavaria, you'll understand why Germany is not just a new home for you, but a financial haven for your assets as well.

Overview of German Asset Management Industry

We can agree that Germany's financial sector has been a showstopper in recent years. The shining jewel in its crown? Asset management industry. Germany has come to the fore as a global leader in active asset management, boasting assets under management (AuM) valued at a whopping €1.6 trillion at the end of 2022. This mammoth figure signifies a growth of 20% in AuM from 2019 to 2021.

Recent Performance (2019-2022)

Germany's asset management industry, much like a seasoned surfer, rode out the waves of an uncertain global climate to emerge successful in 2022. A quick glance at the past four years further reveals the industry's robust health, continuously thriving even amidst challenging conditions.

Riding on the winds of economic resilience, the German Asset Management industry has witnessed commendable growth reflected visibly in profits, revenues, and AuM.

Financial Advisory for Expats in Germany

In our free digital 1:1 consultation, our independent investment advisors help you develop a plan for your wealth accumulation that fits your financial goals.

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Future Projections of German Asset Management Industry

Looking into the crystal ball of any industry can be a daunting task. But, when it comes to the dynamic world of Asset Management, things get even more intriguing. Just imagine, sitting at the edge of your seat, heart pounding, as you play detective with trillions of dollars riding on your forecast.😅

Well, don't fret! We're here to make things a bit easier for you. This section will help you decrypt the future of the German Asset Management industry, delving into its anticipated growth, trending opportunities, and the role of the infamous COVID-19 in shaping its landscape. Ready, set, let's explore! 🕵️‍♀️🚀

Expected Growth of the Wealth Management Market

Our first stop on the time-traveling journey takes us to the world of Wealth Management. This segment has witnessed steady growth for the past couple of years, and now you might be wondering, "what's next?". We project a continued trend upwards between 2024 and 2027.

  • Expect a growth rate of about 6.04%.
  • High net worth individuals and firms are expected to turn towards wealth management services due to changing financial regulations and market dynamics.
  • Increased use of fintech is likely to boost this segment even further, as tech-savvy millennials grow to occupy a more significant share of the client base.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

As we sail forward, there's no ignoring the wave of opportunities flowing our way. The future projections of German Asset Management Industry is not just about numbers, but about identifying potential game changers.

  • Of particular interest are the promising horizons of emerging markets, the unstoppable force of the tech sector, and of course, the lifesavers in the pharma industry.
  • Asset managers hold an optimistic outlook for these sectors, which could translate into a boom in investments in 2024.

Contact your clients, refine your strategies, and brace yourself for the exhilarating ride! 🌊🚤️

Financial Advisory for Expats in Germany

In our free digital 1:1 consultation, our independent investment advisors help you develop a plan for your wealth accumulation that fits your financial goals.

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Impact of COVID-19

Our time-travel expedition brings us face to face with a grim reality: the COVID-19 pandemic. This invisible enemy has had a significant impact on the European asset industry, reshaping outlooks and strategies alike.

  • The pandemic led to market volatility, causing jitters among investors and triggering a re-evaluation of risk management strategies.
  • But every cloud has a silver lining, and this one is no different: the crisis spurred the digital transformation of the industry, opening the gates for fintech solutions.

The future projections of the German asset management industry undeniably include the enduring effects of COVID-19, which have altered the industry landscape dramatically. While there have been challenges, the industry has shown stunning resilience and adaptability 🦾.

So, buckle up and hold onto your hats! The future of the German Asset Management industry is shaping up to be a thrilling roller-coaster ride full of exciting twists and turns. Are you ready? 😃🎢🌐.

Challenges in German Asset Management Industry

Let's dive into the thrilling world of asset management, particularly focusing on the German market. Undoubtedly, the role of asset management in Germany is burgeoning, yet, navigating the industry is akin to crossing a stormy sea. Numerous challenges like geopolitical uncertainties, regulatory changes, and shifting client demands create a turbulent landscape for German asset managers.

Geopolitical Uncertainties

In the last few years, global geopolitical uncertainties 🌏 have been amplified, subsequently rippling through international financial markets. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, German asset managers are grappling with these changes. Tensions between global superpowers, regime changes, and regional conflicts are few of the key uncertainties challenging the German asset management industry.

Regulatory Changes

It's no secret that regulatory changes can either propel or constrain the development of the asset management industry. For instance, regulations like BaFin licensing and the implementation of the AIFM directive into national law 📜 significantly impact German asset managers. Yet, while these changes might be bewildering, they are essential for maintaining financial stability and curbing malfeasance in financial markets.

Changing Client Demands

Furthermore, the rise of sustainability ♻️ is reshaping the landscape of asset management globally, and Germany is no different. Today, German asset managers face the challenge of satisfying increasing client demands for sustainable investing. This seismic shift is not just about increasing return-on-investment figures; it's also about ensuring that investments align with ethical and environmental standards.

In conclusion, challenges in the German asset management industry resonate globally and must be tackled head-on. By understanding the shifting sands of geopolitics, adapting to regulatory changes, and responding to changing client demands, German asset managers can navigate through the storm successfully. In a world full of uncertainties, the key to surviving and thriving lies in agility, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to keeping the client's needs at the heart of all strategies.

Financial Advisory for Expats in Germany

In our free digital 1:1 consultation, our independent investment advisors help you develop a plan for your wealth accumulation that fits your financial goals.

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Asset Management for Expats in Germany

Living in Germany as an expat can be an exciting experience, culturally and professionally. But while you're navigating the bustling streets of Berlin or the scenic landscapes of Bavaria, it's essential to be mindful of your financial journey too. That’s why understanding the nitty-gritty of asset management in Germany can lead to an even more rewarding lifestyle abroad.

Many expats don't realize the significant role geography plays in their financial well-being. When we talk about the geographical benefits of living in Germany, it's not just about lifestyle perks like fantastic food and excellent public transport.

  • High Economy Stability: Germany is the largest and one of the most mature economies in Europe. With a resilient economy, your assets can benefit from the country's stable financial markets.
  • Access to top financial advisors: Cities like Berlin host a variety of experienced financial advisors who cater to expats. Having a Financial Advisor for Expats in Germany can be an invaluable asset to your financial strategy overseas.

However, being an expat goes beyond enjoying the stunning landscapes and robust economy. Certain factors primarily influence the wealth management market for expats in Germany - such as job transfers, retirement, new business startups, and tax efficiency.

  • Job Transfers: Moving to Germany for a job usually means a change in income and taxation. Proper asset management can help ensure that these changes don't adversely impact your financial health.
  • Retirement: If you're planning to spend your golden years basking in the German sunshine, asset management becomes even more crucial. With an efficient asset management strategy, retirement can truly be a relaxing phase.
  • New Business Startups: Starting a business in a new country is a complex task, but with the right wealth management strategy, your entrepreneurial dreams can thrive in Germany!
  • Tax Efficiency: Tax laws make a significant impact on how we manage our assets. By maximizing tax efficiency through prudent management, you can ensure that your stay in Germany is financially beneficial too.
"To quote the famous investor, Warren Buffett, 'Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.' Your stay in Germany can and should be a financially empowering chapter in your life. But remember, appropriate asset management is key to this journey. Embrace the geographical benefits of Germany and adapt your strategy to respond to the specific expat influencing factors. A rewarding life in Germany is all about managing your precious assets wisely!"


Navigating the financial scene as an expat in Germany can undeniably be a challenge. From language barriers, understanding complex fiscal rules, to riding the wave of evolving trends in Asset Management, there are numerous hurdles to cross. For us at Finanz2Go, our utmost priority is to ensure that you - as an expatriate, are provided with personalized, efficient financial solutions tailored to your unique goals.

With Finanz2Go, your investment portfolios are managed meticulously by a team of seasoned experts. We're committed to integrating the ethos of transparency, reliability, and ongoing conversation - on that note, remember, we offer an initial counsel, free of charge.

No matter if you're planning on accumulating wealth, diversifying portfolios, optimizing pension plans, or securing protective insurances, we've truly got you covered. In the turbulent seas of the German Asset Management universe, consider us your reliable navigators.

Ready to take control of your finances in Germany? Get in touch with us and start the journey to maximize your financial returns. Your future self will thank you.

In the end, your financial journey in Germany doesn't have to be a solo venture. With the right partner like Finanz2Go, it can indeed be a rewarding ride.

Financial Advisory for Expats in Germany

In our free digital 1:1 consultation, our independent investment advisors help you develop a plan for your wealth accumulation that fits your financial goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Finanz2Go?Finanz2Go is an asset management platform designed specifically for expats living in Germany. It offers a range of financial planning and investment services tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by expatriates.
  2. What services does Finanz2Go provide?Finanz2Go provides a variety of services including investment advisory, retirement planning, tax optimization, portfolio management, and financial education. They aim to help expats make informed financial decisions and achieve their long-term goals.
  3. Is Finanz2Go only available for expats in Germany?Yes, Finanz2Go is specifically designed for expats living in Germany. They understand the intricacies of the German financial system and provide services tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of expatriates in the country.
  4. How can I sign up for Finanz2Go?To sign up for Finanz2Go, you can visit their website and fill out the registration form. Once you provide the necessary information, a financial advisor will contact you to discuss your goals and guide you through the onboarding process.
  5. Are the services provided by Finanz2Go suitable for all expats in Germany?Yes, the services provided by Finanz2Go are designed to be suitable for expats of all nationalities and backgrounds living in Germany. Their financial advisors understand the unique challenges faced by expatriates and offer personalized solutions to suit individual needs.
Written by
Fabian Beining - Founder / Senior Consultant
Fabian Beining is a certified independent investment advisor. He specializes in investment funds and will be happy to advise you on the topics of fund-based retirement planning and general investment
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