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Financial Advisory Services

01. Investment Plan

Together we develop an investment plan that suits your goals.

Especially in times of inflation, it makes less and less sense to leave your money in the bank account.

Our independent investment experts help you to find and implement an investment plan that fits you and your financial goals.

  • Start creating wealth in Germany
  • Contribute from as little as 500 € / mo.
  • Hand-picked portfolios from 10.000 +Investment funds
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02. Pension Plan

Save up to 50% on taxes with an optimized pension plan.

If you stay in Germany long term we give you an objective overview of the German pension system to find out what is the most profitable option for you.

As independent consultants, we can compare all the existing products on an objective basis with each other to calculate and implement the best fit for your situation.

  • Let´s calculate when you can retire
  • Let´s see how much you’ll have in retirement
  • Tax-benefits & low costs
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03. Insurances

Protect your current and future assets!

Most Germans have too many insurance policies. We show you which insurance policies are really important to protect your assets and which are more of a "nice to have".

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