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Financial Advisory for Expats in Germany

We help you as an expat in Germany to set up an investment plan that suits your personal and financial goals.

Investment Plan

Especially in times of inflation, it makes less and less sense to leave your money in the bank account.

Our independent investment experts help you to find and implement an investment plan that fits you and your financial goals.

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Pension Plan

If you stay in Germany long term we give you an objective overview of the German pension system to find out what is the most profitable option for you.

As independent consultants, we can compare all the existing products on an objective basis with each other to calculate and implement the best fit for your situation.

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Asset Management

Do you already have an investment portfolio?

That is great! At your request, we can make an analysis of your existing investment portfolio to provide you with objective feedback and ways to optimize it according to your personal goals.

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Over 400 clients already work with us on a long-term basis.

Here you can read an excerpt from our Google reviews:

About Us

Since our foundation in the year 2020, Björn Tappe and his team have built a fast-growing company.

With our specialization in internationals and expats, we fill the gap between non-independent banks (with sometimes insufficient language skills) and neo-brokers without personal support.

Our growing team of 6 people consists mainly of certified investment advisors who have already gained long-term experience in the stock market.

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How does your consulting process work?

Short call:
One of our consultants and you will have a short phone call to find out if and how he can best help you.
Consulting process:
In 3-4 digital zoom calls we will discuss your financial goals with you to come up with an indivual investment plan for you.
Start investing!:
We will help you set up the investment plan and will support you with all your questions.


How much does your service cost me?

The entire consulting process is completely free of charge for you.Therefore we do select with whom we see a potential to work on a long-term basis.

How do you earn money?

We completely waive costs that are customary in the industry, such as issue surcharges, kick bags, or provider-oriented commissions.

Should we decide to work together after several consultations, we will receive 0.85% p.a. of the invested capital.

In return, you will receive an investment plan that is completely tailored to you and permanent support plus portfolio tracking from our experts.

How much capital do I need to get started?

Here we distinguish between one-time payments and monthly savings plans.

A one-time payment makes sense for us from 100.000 euros. For the monthly savings plans, there should be a monthly surplus of at least 1000 euros per month.