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As a financial advisor in Düsseldorf help you as an expat to set up an investment plan that suits your personal and financial goals.

100% Independent & Certified
Specialized in expats in Düsseldorf
Holistic approach

We help expats living in Düsseldorf with their finances.

Through our passion for investment, our transparent number-based approach, and our individual client service, we have managed to become one of the top addresses for internationals in Germany.

With our specialization in internationals and expats, we fill the gap between non-independent banks (with sometimes insufficient language skills) and neo-brokers without personal support.

Step 1 - Investment Plan

Together we develop an investment plan that suits your goals.

Especially in times of inflation, it makes less and less sense to leave your money in the bank account.

Our independent investment experts help you to find and implement an investment plan that fits you and your financial goals.

  • Start creating wealth in Germany
  • Contribute from as little as 500 € / mo.
  • Hand-picked portfolios from 10.000 +Investment funds

Step 2 - Pension Plan

Save up to 50% on taxes with an optimized pension plan.

If you stay in Germany long term we give you an objective overview of the German pension system to find out what is the most profitable option for you.

As independent consultants, we can compare all the existing products on an objective basis with each other to calculate and implement the best fit for your situation.

  • Let´s calculate when you can retire
  • Let´s see how much you’ll have in retirement
  • Tax-benefits & low costs

Step 3 - Insurances

Protect your current and future assets!

Most Germans have too many insurance policies. We show you which insurance policies are really important to protect your assets and which are more of a "nice to have".

"Who pays my salary if I am ill for a longer period?"
"When does private health insurance make sense to me?"
"What is the most efficient way to protect my assets?"

What our clients say about our independent financial advisory

Björn is top-notch. I have to say I'm an experienced investor, but since I moved to Germany, I had many questions about the options we had. Since the first moment Björn and I met, he has been meticulous and detailed in driving me through the nit and grits of how the system works in Germany and recommending me very good insurance and investment options.

He knows and understands how investment and assets work outside Germany, which is very important to feel empathy with expats. One aspect to remark is that it is a true pleasure to talk to him and discuss alternatives and tradeoffs. I would highly recommend him, and more for expats without a clear understanding of how things work in Germany.

Björn consulted me and my husband and helped shape our financial strategy. He listened carefully to all our preferences and suggested a couple of solutions that suited our needs and situation.

The best part was that we really had time to think and discuss our questions as they arose, on the schedule that suited us, with no rush and no pressure. Björn is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy specialist, I can definitely recommend him.

Fabian is a great advisor! Very transparent, patient, and honest. We just started investing with him and we totally recommend him. He is trustworthy and he also has a great team behind him. He can also help with different types of insurance and not just investment.

6 reasons why you should work with us

Scientifically invested

Together with our research team and our network of partners throughout Germany, the latest findings from capital market research can be utilized in your own portfolio.


No front-end load, no performance-related remuneration, and low management costs: the use of low-cost investment funds finally makes wealth management affordable.


Unrivaled reporting: With regular service appointments and ongoing reporting, we regularly communicate all decisions and changes in the fund to our clients.


By accumulating income and making a private pension plan, investors benefit from the cash value advantage of downstream tax payments and the German half-income system.


Extremely broad diversification in the portfolio worldwide marginalizes default risks and significantly reduces transaction costs.

Personal contact person

Unlike neobrokers, with us, you will have a personal advisor at your side from the outset, with whom you can discuss your financial matters on an ongoing basis.

Frequently asked questions

How much will your independent financial advice cost me?

The entire digital counseling process is free of charge for you.

If, after several appointments, we come to the conclusion that we want to work together, we will receive a service fee of 0.85% p.a. of the invested capital.

Do you really work completely independently?

Yes, as independent investment brokers, we work exclusively for our clients.

Our broker status allows us to objectively compare all existing products on the market to give you number-based feedback on how you can achieve your financial goals most efficiently.

How much capital do I need for a consultation with you to make sense?

Here we distinguish between a one-off investment and a monthly savings plan.

For a one-off investment, you should have at least €100,000 in assets available.

For a monthly savings plan together with your retirement plan, you should be able to invest at least €500 per month.

Finanz2Go - Your Financial Advisor in Düsseldorf
Discover Finanz2Go, your trusted financial advisor in Düsseldorf. Get expert advice and services to optimize your finances for a secure future.
Written by
Fabian Beining - Founder / Senior Consultant
Fabian Beining is a certified independent investment advisor. He specializes in investment funds and will be happy to advise you on the topics of fund-based retirement planning and general investment
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