How much will your independent financial advice cost me?

The entire digital counseling process is free of charge for you.

If, after several appointments, we conclude that we want to work together, we will receive a service fee of 0.85% p.a. of the invested capital.

Do you work completely independently?

Yes, as independent investment brokers, we work exclusively for our clients.

Our broker status allows us to objectively compare all existing products on the market to give you number-based feedback on how you can achieve your financial goals most efficiently.

How much capital do I need for a consultation with you to make sense?

Here we distinguish between a one-off investment and a monthly savings plan.

For a one-off investment, you should have at least €100,000 in assets available.

For a monthly savings plan together with your retirement plan, you should be able to invest at least €500 per month.

Is it worth using a financial advisor?

As long as you are not sure which insurance you need or how to provide for your old age, a free initial consultation is always useful. Here you can determine whether the consultation is about you or pushing you towards a product. Our recommendation is to only take out a product if you are really convinced of it.

What should I expect from a financial advisor?

You should expect a good financial advisor to provide independent advice based on your personal life situation. The goal should be to find insurance policies and investment products that you really need, want, and feel comfortable with.

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