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About Us

Welcome to Finanz2Go - Your independent financial advisor as an expat living in Germany!

Our Leadership-Team

Fabian Beining - Co-Founder of Finanz2Go

Fabian Beining is a co-founder of Finanz2Go and already has years of experience as a senior investment consultant in a large investment consulting firm in Germany.

He successfully studied business administration with a focus on finance and gained experience in the largest consulting firms in Germany during his studies. Fabian loves investing and has been a passionate investor in the stock market for over 12 years.

Today he helps his clients to develop individual portfolios that fit their goals and wishes.

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Björn Tappe - Co-Founder of Finanz2Go

Björn Tappe is a co-founder of Finanz2Go and himself an experienced investor on the stock exchange. He has already worked for over 5 years in a large investment consulting firm as an independent senior investment consultant and has a lot of experience in advising expats in Germany.

Björn holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance & Management. He mainly helps our clients with the optimal set-up of retirement provisions by calculating cleanly and objectively which profitable solutions are available for us clients.

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Daniel Wegener - Senior Investment Consultant

Daniel is an expert in retirement planning and long-term investment. With his long experience on his German social media channels, he helps Finanz2Go with video production.




Thomas Hollman

Senior Investment Consultant

Simon Gerstein

Senior Investment Consultant

Our Partner-Network

Vanesa Valentic - Real Estate Investing Munich

Vanesa has worked with PerFinEx since 2022 with many years of experience in the German real estate industry. Are you looking for a property to invest in and around Munich? Vanesa will help you!



Kilian Cywinski - Manager @ Jantzen & Parner Investment Consulting

Kilian has many years of experience as an investment advisor and helps Finanz2Go with important topics such as leadership and building a team of experts.